UPLIFT Presents

The Magic of Compassion

Dr James Doty, 65 - California

I walked into a magic shop and the owner wasn’t there but his mother was there. I described his mother as this open-hearted, radiant soul who had this incredible joyful smile that embraced you. While she knew nothing about magic in the magic shop, she understood people. The manner in which she interacted with me at that very first meeting, I could tell she didn’t judge me, she was kind for no apparent reason and she did not treat me like a child.

That initial interaction led to her saying to me, “I see that you’re suffering. I’m going to be here for another six weeks. If you come in every day, I’ll teach you something that could change your life.”

It allowed me to understand that I had a negative narrative going on in my head, and that nature of that understanding allowed me to change the narrative from one of negativity to positivity. It allowed me to open my heart, to see that I was not the only person who is suffering. Oftentimes, we get within ourselves when we think we’re the only person suffering and it becomes actually a very selfish exercise. By recognising everyone is suffering, it actually diminishes your own suffering.

She released me from that self-imposed prison of limitations by making me understand that with correct intention, I could actually change a possibility to a reality. That fundamental interaction with this person who had no reason, changed the trajectory of my life. It allowed me to believe that I could attend college, go to medical school, become a neurosurgeon, become an entrepreneur …and create this global centre for compassion and altruism

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