UPLIFT Presents

Mirror Neurons

Scarlett, 47 - Mississippi, USA

Compassion, I believe, is innate. We are wired to connect. We actually have something in our brains called mirror neurons, so that helps us connect. In other words, when I smile at you, you usually smile back. Even if you don’t want to, there are certain muscles in your face that are going to respond to mine. Conversely, if I give you a mean or angry look, you’re going to respond similarly. I actually learned that love is connection by talking with young kids, and I love talking with young kids because they just have a wisdom about them. They’re honest. They’re not programmed yet, so I was talking to an auditorium filled with elementary school students. I asked them, “What does anger feel like in your body?” Their response was something like this. “Laa. Oh, headache, inferno, fire. Pain,” right? That was anger.

Then, I said, “Well, what does love look like?” Immediately, without even thinking, they turned to one another, and they hugged. If they were sitting across desks at another time, they would try to touch like that. It is from them that I learned that love is connection. We’re born wired to connect, and then through experiences in our life, in our environment and even really well-meaning experiences, we are programmed to disconnect. We feel pain. We have less of an understanding of one another. We feel disconnected. That leads to anger, and anger is really the opposite of compassion. Because we learn disconnection and anger, we can also learn love and connection.

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