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Gifting Music to Children with Illness

Frieda Zeidel, - Chicago

My high school teacher adopted two beautiful seemingly healthy children but by the time her daughter Joyce was six, they found out she had an in operable brain tumor.

Joyce’s personality could light up a room without her saying a word, even at the age of six. She loved hiding behind the TV set and pretending she was coming out to give you a show. She had these warm beautiful eyes and a sweet precious smile.

As her mother Gayle and I became closer friends I learned more about what Joyce was going through. I had no idea and it broke my heart to think a child of six had to endure this as her life instead of just being able to be a typical child. The treatments were brutal on her frail little body but she was a trooper. She loved music, singing and dancing.

Today Joyce is a grown woman living each day with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart that she spreads to anyone that gives her the time. The side effects of her treatments followed her into adulthood. She has continual doctors visits, medications and treatments just to function day to day. She has many physical challenges but that doesn’t slow her down a bit.

I decided that in honor of Joyce and her love of music, that I would create a children’s music CD. I have seen the soothing therapeutic successful outcome of music and being a professional singer, I knew this was my calling. On the inside cover is her story and how she is my inspiration and my hero. I also requested her assistance on the artwork and told her that her story will be traveling all around the world.

We donate the CD’s to children with debilitating diseases worldwide.

I love the feedback from the parents,  whether it’s hearing how excited their child was to receive a package in the mail, how happy their child is just playing a cd that belongs to them or knowing it is helping them get to a procedure or a long drive to a hospital for treatment.

And as for Joyce, it is my honor to have been able to watch her grow into a beautiful driven young woman and to be her friend.

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