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Compassion is the Language of the Heart

Sabine Lichtenfels, 62 - Portugal

What is compassion? I think this is one of the deepest questions. I would say compassion is very connected with an open heart, that we are ready to face and to see what is happening on this globe. The more we understand that we are one family on this globe, the more we will open our heart in compassion to others. I think it’s very much the way how we grow up to develop our kind of compassion to the world, to the earth, to the water, to the fire, to the plants, to all what is existing. I think normally it would be the most normal state of being to feel compassion towards others.

When I grew up and I noticed how separated people are living in the neighbourhoods, they close their family doors, they don’t know about each other, I knew we have to find new social structures. The family must be embedded in a bigger organism like nature shows us, and so, I feel we have to see [ and to face that these are also political, and even spiritual issues, to cultivate this kind of new surrounding.

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