UPLIFT Presents

A Zen Perspective

Catherine Ingram, 65 - Massachusetts

Self unto self is the feeling that one has when you’re looking into another pair of eyes and you’re forgetting where one leaves off and the other begins. You just forget it for the moment. It can be with any other kind of animal, it doesn’t have to be a human one, but there can be a feeling of blending and that can even extend to how you feel when you’re out in nature.

There’s a beautiful line, a zen line. We sat together the mountain and I until only the mountain remained. That there’s a certain way in which the awareness, the consciousness is just merging easily with the all. Then you have this sense of belonging, you have this sense of belonging that part of it, I think part of what drives everyone crazy are the feelings of separateness and a desperate attempt to find something that makes me feel connected and I think even a lot of the most criminal behaviour actually is driven by that and you have to look deep to see it, but I think that that’s the case.

This is of course the other end of the spectrum whereby you’re feeling a sense of belonging quite easily as your primary mode of operation.

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